Canali hosts the premiere of the Fall Winter 2020 collection at the Odeon Cinema in Florence. Our
emblematic brand values – sartorial expertise, innovation, and attention to detail – unfold in a new
collection architecture that encompasses three distinct yet complementary pillars: Black Edition,
Exclusive, and Canali 1934. Each segment contains a selection of formalwear, sportswear, and
accessories; and embody a personal style for every scene of life.

The spectator thus has the opportunity to wander in an ever-growing menswear universe where
consciousness and identity are key factors when culling a style. An all-around depiction that
conquers the traditional distinction between formal and casual through three diverse lifestyle proposals
that portray the multifaceted story of the modern man.

The Black Edition is inspired by an urban, dynamic lifestyle manifested in exceptionally functional and
versatile garments. The outerwear comprises pocketable garments, items with removable layers and
hoods, and oversized puffer jackets. The selection also includes hybrid pieces like a maxi-parka with
an integrated backpack and multi-pocket vests inspired by utility-wear. Distinctive stylistic elements
are conceived with blends of technical and natural fabrics. The result are poli-material garments that
play with lime green, charcoal gray, and black through color-blocking and texture mix-and-matching.
Style and performance merge together in an interpretation that draws directly from activewear, like
rubber elements and heat-sealed seams. But more importantly; the knits, shirts, and outerwear are
made with an ergonomic construction designed to follow the movement of the body and better define
the silhouette. This dynamic fit also translates into the suits, which achieve a synthesis between
innovation and Canali’s sartorial expertise. These are made of stretch-wool combined with a new
form of canvas rendered in a technical material that creates a slim shape and increases the
performance of the garment.

The Exclusive is the highest expression of Italian elegance displayed in sophisticated detailing,
materials, and techniques. The garments introduce stylistic elements of the utmost sartorial tradition
– blazers come with wide lapels and silk thread hand-embroidered buttonholes, while shoulder
seams are made with a gathering method. The high-waisted trousers have a wider fit on the hips
that fades at the bottom of the leg and is enhanced by double front pleats; this added to the wide
waistband with double buttoning and buckle side-adjusters. Every detail brings an incomparable
softness to the look and expresses the personality of the wearer. The design is composed by clean
lines that allow for a lighter construction and add emphasis to the quality and fluidity of the fabrics,
showcasing a unique softness and shine. The perfect example of such are the silk coat and bomber
jacket, and the oversized capes in double cashmere. Leather and fur come together in refined
processes with precious yarns that follow a color palette based on sophisticated tones such as
cream, pearl gray, and white with dark brown accents.

The Canali 1934 is gracefully renovated with precise and judicious stylistic choices in blue, gray, and
Bordeaux. The line reinterprets the iconic garments of the male wardrobe and the traditional patterns
of our sartorial heritage such as Damier, Prince of Wales, and Birdseye. Shimmering and frosted
effects on wool flannels, wool-silk bouclés and wool-cashmere blends bring added flair to the
outerwear. The characteristic winter camel coat is available as a single-breasted item with wide patch
pockets or as a double-breasted robe coat with wide lapels. The fit of the blazers is designed for
dynamic comfort both in the classic tailored pieces – deconstructed with lightened compositions –
and in their wool jersey counterparts. A section of the collection is dedicated to the return of the
raincoat, an icon of male style. A tribute to the origins of the Canali company, which began its journey
in 1934 with the production of these garments. Three models are offered and characterized by a
combination of classic elements and contemporary details. A trench coat in a luminous fabric with
leather inserts, a coat in cotton gabardine with detachable padded interior, and finally a winter car
coat with velvet details.


The Odeon Theater is the only existent architectural work of the 1920s in the artistic panorama of
Florence. Christened with the name of Teatro Savoia, it was built between 1920 and 1922 under the
supervision of Marcello Piacentini in collaboration with Ghino Venturi. The cinema complex is located
inside the historic Palazzo dello Strozzino, whose construction began in 1457 based on a design
attributed to Filippo Brunelleschi and the intervention of illustrious architects such as Michelozzo and
Giuliano da Maiano. The interior of the building has a great scenic impact; the rectangular-shaped
auditorium and horseshoe-shaped gallery with side boxes create the perfect mediation between
ancient theatrical arrangements and modern cinemas. Sitting under a large stained-glass dome, the
room has precious decorations including stuccoes, three gilded-wood Muses, and splendid

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