Versace Jeans Couture Denim Campaign 2021

For its Spring/Summer 2021 denim campaign, Versace Jeans Couture celebrates the garment’s timelessness, simplicity and versatility.

Photographed on film by the Berlin based photographer Davit Giorgadze, the campaign captures the collection with attitude and playfulness. The visual artist’s signature muted colors and cheeky tone were emphasized, an homage to foundational pieces that embody the brand at its core: at the same time irreverent, street, and high-end.

The film encapsulates denim’s raw and bold soul. With an atmospheric, sensorial and slightly suspenseful feel, the talent was captured in various poses in the studio setting through cinematic wide shots and meticulously composed close ups. Guided by a haunting electronic melody and sound design, the piece alternates between lighting setups and poses in a ghostly and almost surreal manner.

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